Why Mexico is Sam Freij’s favorite destination

May 23 13:40 2022
Why Mexico is Sam Freij’s favorite destination
Mexico, Sam Freij’s favorite destination
Mexico is a culture-rich city with tremendous beaches, colonial architecture, ancient ruins, and of course not to forget deliciously alluring cuisines. It is one of the cities which is highly liked by tourists from all over the world. You must be thinking why people say so highly of Mexico when it comes to long and luxurious vacations. It is because Mexico has everything that a tourist looks for.

“This culture thriving and historically superior country gives its visitors an exclusive chance to explore the great historical landmarks. Visitors may as well be involved in the other unique resorts.” – Sam Freij.

Undoubtedly, Mexico is a lively country that has great cultural and historical treasures for its visitors. This is true, especially when it comes to food, affordability, and beaches, no other traveling destinations seem to beat Mexico. And that’s why Mexico is the favorite and number one choice for many tourists and travel bloggers especially Sam Freij. Why is it so according to Sam?! Check the following 8 reasons.

1. Mexico Offers Affordability

If you are looking for complete traveling keeping affordability in check, then Mexico is the place for you. You’ll be glad to know that the things you’re going to spend there are quite cheaper than in other places in the world.

2. Mexico Has Unreal Beaches

Who doesn’t love beaches? Of course, everyone loves beaches. Besides being a super affordable country to enjoy your holidays in, Mexico has got unreal beaches where you could just lay down and enjoy nature to its fullest. Cancun and Acapulco have the best, entertaining beaches. Well, heading to Tulum which is a little further, can be a good idea as well. You can always look up a Mexico travel guide for even better options to head to. The long and sandy beach spots will literally take your breath away. You will have a great number of options to choose from. It is safe to say that these exquisite beaches let you move to any other place. They are that much amazing and unreal.

3. Out-Of-The-World Mexican Cuisine

You will be thrilled to know that Mexico has world-class food. There isn’t a single food item that you won’t enjoy. Mexico is popularly known for its varied food dishes with an extra specialty in seafood. The entire culinary scenes are not just limited to tortas and tacos, you get to enjoy a great number of dishes and you will never be full. From the delicious sauces to mouthwatering burritos,

4. Mexico Has Worth-Exploring Historic Ruins

Mexico is not just about pretty beaches, delicious food, luxurious resorts, etc. There is more to it. This country is full of worth-exploring history. The historic remains of the pre-Columbian society are always captivating for many explorers or visitors.

5. Mexico Has To-Die-For Marine Life

Besides so many great things in Mexico, the marine life is super unique and eye-catching there that you will almost miss your breath. The extraordinary scene of these beautiful sea creatures leaping out of the water will have special effects on your mind. You must visit Mexico between December and June when Grey Whales swim all the way to the shallow waters of Baja coats.

6. Mexico Has Unique and Worth-Watching Culture

Mexico is the land of rich culture. This country has a worthy mix of European and native cultures and their collective cultural influences result in wealthy Spanish tapestry, European, native, and American cultures. Many Mexican cultural products are worthy of exploring such as several musical instruments.

7. Mexican People Are Kind and Welcoming

One thing that everyone can agree on is Mexican people always welcome the visitors quite warmly and enthusiastically. They are kind.

8. Mexico Has Luxurious Resorts

Even a single view of these beautiful resorts will take your breath away. The mega-resorts around the beaches of Playa del Carmen and Tulum cater to your fancy. These awe-inspiring scenes will catch you completely so be ready!

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