Match Struck, a Film by Tiffany Rhodes, Inks Deal with The Movie Agency Amid Its Oscar Buzz and Festival Wins

January 20 15:45 2022
Match Struck, a Film by Tiffany Rhodes, Inks Deal with The Movie Agency Amid Its Oscar Buzz and Festival Wins

Hollywood will get to cash in again with a new brilliant voice in her feature debut, Match Struck, written and directed by Tiffany Rhodes, with cast David Koechner (“The Office” and “AnchorMan”), Julian Brittano (Own Network’s “Greenleaf”) and George Katt (NBC’s “The Blindspot”).

In Match Struck, Rhodes as the director artfully shuffles the story of an infamous novelist who struggles with her addiction and its direct connection to her writing. Like many psychological dramas that create confusion, spoon-feeding us the story, we go in and out of the life of the writer Josephine Taylor, aka Jo (portrayed by Rhodes), and the story of her novel.  There is no arrogant “look at me” storyline in this movie, leaving the audience scratching their head in confusion, questioning if one is clever enough to figure this out, or asking whether the director even understands this film? No, instead, we join Jo on this drinking binge laughing at the unexpected humor in Rhodes’ performance and genuinely understanding the pain that causes humans to trap themself in a cycle of destruction.

Jo is miserable, depressed, alcoholic, and completely self-absorbed, yet you find yourself relating to her and liking her. Rhodes’ performance is Oscar-worthy and much-needed new perspective about women with mental health issues. There is no I’m insane, watch me sexy dance at this bar or look like a supermodel patient in an asylum. This character is tragic, messy, and unapologetically miserable.

The film opens and closes with songs covered by Nina Simone, “Funkier Than a Mosquito’s Tweeter,” and “Ne Me Quitte Pas.” The original score is big and wonderfully composed by Nick Audy. I thoroughly enjoyed the music selection. It perfectly matched the essence of what Rhodes wanted to capture.

Match Struck has terrific performances by Julian Brittano playing Rhodes’ husband, who seems trapped in his marriage with her. Brittano’s disdain for his wife is palpable. He resents her drinking and is emotionally unavailable to truly see and support his wife in her current state.   Brittano and Rhodes’s ease with one another is deliciously voyeuristic, demonstrating authentic behaviors of a couple in the privacy of their own home.

David Koechner is the only tease I want more of in this film. He is comedic but dark. He embodies this perverseness that is captivating. Rhodes told me she wrote this character for Koechner after mutual friend and actress Kimberly Inez introduced them. Koechner’s charismatic presence is the ego in which Jo’s character can allow her dark side in, as the creative conduit. His lack of screentime is a letdown. I wish he would have had a more significant role since he is intrinsic to understanding Jo. Koechner is fantastic, and I hope to see him in more roles like this.

Warning spoilers ahead: the end breaks all formulaic rules and I love it.  Just when you feel the story has given us an ending, it reveals the inner workings of Jo’s mind. It’s a brilliant interpretative dance. In the final moment of this movie, Rhodes makes the slightest choice in her performance that struck me like a bolt and haunted me for days. Again,  her performance is Oscar-worthy.

The editing in this film is transfixing and well done by Eric Randolph, his feature debut. The cinematography is intentional, Rhodes credits her camera department, “I worked with loyal and smart artists Nick Neidhart, Ciera Thompson, Conor Murdoch, and Tina Reeves. Whether it was Tina who caught me as I hung off a ladder or Nick who was a partner never wavering in the execution or vision of this film, these individuals amongst many are people I respect and would go into production with any time.”

Rhodes credits and humbly thanks her executive producers, Tina Kinard and Clarissa Felts. “This production was never about what’s in for me with these two brilliant and generous women; they believed in the story, and more importantly, they believe in me; that’s a treasure in this world.”

Upcoming screenings for Match Struck, Chandler International Film Festival on January 20, 2022, and Durango Independent Film Festival March 2, 2022, for ticket information.

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