How Budding Amazon Sellers Can Start Selling On Amazon Australia

January 18 21:48 2022

Amazon Australia is one of Amazons fast growing marketplaces helping ordinary aussies sell products in their spare time. What used to be harrowing affair starting an online business it is now a little easier with Sydney based start-up AMZ Product Launcher helping individuals by launching their product for them and guiding them through the process. 

Several years ago, Jeff Bezos created Amazon to develop an online platform where users can buy and sell their products. It started as a website that sold only books, but Jeff’s vision of explosive growth and e-commerce dominance propelled the platform into its current popularity. 

As Amazon Australia continues to dominate the e-commerce space, budding aussie entrepreneurs are interested in tapping into the online space and making a fortune by becoming one of the 10 million sellers on the platform. But as grand as the dream of profiting from Amazon Australia is, so are the risks that come with it. 

AMZ Product Launcher a Sydney based company is helping people on their journey of being  aspiring entrepreneurs better by launching their products with them and allowing them to start their own online business selling on Amazon Australia.

“We help our clients find, source products and launch these products on the Amazon Australian platform,” said Alexander, a Sydney-based amazon coach and seller who has guided numerous clients towards establishing successful careers as online sellers. 

Providing a Truly Unique Experience 

The team behind AMZ Product Launcher has an array of professional US Amazon sellers, product listing experts, Australian Amazon sellers, keywords experts, Amazon sourcing experts, FBA prep companies, and more. 

“We have a dedicated team ready and willing to work with our clients one on one,” Alexander said. 

They offer coaching to guide clients towards succeeding as Australian Amazon sellers. Yet there’s more to the company than just housing experts in the industry. 

AMZ Product Launcher is the only company in Australia, New Zealand, and the USA to offer a unique service of launching products on their clients behalf. “No other company offers this service and we are proud to do this on our clients behalf because sometimes it can get tricky and having a professional helps.” 

“Anyone looking to start a side business, anyone looking for more freedom in their life and looking to change their circumstances, if you’re looking to spend more time with your kids, family, or spend more time doing the things that you want to do, then I can help you,” Alexander said. 

He added that at AMZ Product Launcher, they work mainly with individuals looking to get started, even if they have no experience. The majority of their clients are just starting out and are beginners looking for help with everything from finding products all the way to launching their product onto Amazon Australia and USA. 

The Skills That Developed Him 

For 12 years, Alexander has been involved in sourcing and importing from China. During this time, he developed the skills that allowed him to find the latest trends and hottest products being launched out of China. 

He is also a professional Amazon seller and experienced sourcing agent. 

“I love expanding my own Amazon business and I love chatting to my clients and helping them with their goals. The first thing in the morning I do is to review my day and chat with my favourite clients,” he said. 

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