Zoombies on Moonriver reveals further commitment to player success through Moonlit Farm integration

January 14 23:03 2022
Zoombies.World, by Cardinal Entertainment, has announced integration of its Token into Moonlit Farm yield-farming pools on Moonlit Finance powered by Moonriver Network.

Holders of ZOOM can now put their tokens to work for more than just Zoombies in-game utilities. The recent integration of ZOOM on Moonlit Farm allows Zoombies players to put their crypto assets to work and generate the most returns possible through liquidity mining.

Liquidity mining is when a yield farmer gets a new token as well as the usual return in exchange for the farmer’s liquidity. 

Moonlit Farm incentivizes liquidity providers with an attractive reward in their native token MLIT when they stake their Moonlit LP tokens after injecting liquidity into the ZOOM pools. This will, in return, stabilize the ZOOM liquidity and minimize slippage during swaps.”

“Liquidity is essential for a healthy token ecosystem”, says Cardinal Entertainment. “Choosing to integrate with Moonlit Farm not only offers additional liquidity for the ZOOM token, it also gives our players a true incentive in the form of yield-farming rewards. Earning passive interest on crypto holdings is a major trend right now in this economy and we are excited to offer this opportunity to our players.”

By integrating ZOOM into the Moonlit Farm market, Zoombies is hoping to also gain more exposure for the game and attract more players. Building on the existing community through partnerships like the Moonlit integration is one of many ways that Zoombies is continuing to add value to the Zoombies NFTs and ZOOM token. 

For more information on Moonlit Farm, please visit: https://cointelegraph.com/press-releases/convergence-finance-launched-moonlit-farm-powered-by-moonriver-network

Check out all of the markets available for Zoombies NFTs and the ZOOM token here: https://movr.zoombies.world/market

Join Cardinal Entertainment’s Discord to learn more about this project here: https://discord.gg/eDXvJKUZgQ

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