Heartily Vegan Launches Sustainable Soy Wax Scented Candles

January 14 22:51 2022
The luxurious soy wax scented candles are must-haves for healthy living and sustainable lifestyle.

Premium candle brand Heartily Vegan launches sustainable soy wax scented candles to promote better health and lifestyle. The collection features unique fragrances – coconut & lime, lavender & vanilla, and pink champagne – that take one into an aromatic journey of calm and peace. The candles are housed in a reusable black and white tempered glass embellished with a golden Heartily Vegan’s logo and packed in an exclusive signature box of recycled paper to minimise the impact of single-use plastic containers on the environment.

“Our mission is to inspire people to live an environmentally sustainable and healthier life without giving up any pleasure of it,” says the team from Heartily Vegan.

Each of Heartily Vegan’s scented candles is curated to bring the best olfactory experiences for everyone while making it easy to start or maintain an eco-friendly, healthy lifestyle.

Heartily Vegan’s collection of exquisite fragrances include:

• Pink Champagne: Experience the fragrance reminiscent of a freshly popped bottle of champagne with the refreshing fusion of sweet orange, wine, and violet leaf aromas.
• Coconut & Lime: This unique blend of sweet lime, coconut, pineapple, rum, and vanilla creates an exotic scene of sun-warmed sands and white-capped waves.
• Lavender& Vanilla: Feel sweet indulgence with the classic combination of fragrant lavender oils and mild vanilla.

Compared to paraffin wax candles, Heartily Vegan’s soy wax candles are better for the environment. They are paraben-free, carbon-neutral, long lasting and produce less soot.

The product highlights are listed below.
• The candles are manufactured with an uncompromised commitment to sustainability.
• The candles use natural plant essential oils and plastic-free sustainable materials.
• Soy wax carries fragrances better, making them perfect for aromatherapy.
• Soy wax candles burn for more than 60 hours.
• The candles double as home decors with their stylish reusable containers.
• All fragrances received 5-star ratings on Amazon.

For each candle bought, Heartily Vegan pledges to plant trees in heavily deforested areas and forests that need them most. The brand also takes part in several environmental projects from different countries each month.

Since its establishment, Heartily Vegan has helped offset several tons of carbon emissions. Each part of its supply chain adheres to sustainable development, carefully considering the environmental impact of each simple action.

Moreover, the brand has a YouTube channel dedicated to promoting a healthy lifestyle to its clients. The channel includes a list of easy-to-follow plant-based recipes and tips for a sustainable lifestyle.

Find more details about Heartily Vegan’s soy wax candles and their environmental initiatives here: http://www.heartilyvegan.com/.

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