DayBreak Enterprises Marks 20th Anniversary With an Inspiring E-Book For Leaders

January 14 22:30 2022
DayBreak Enterprises’ thought-provoking e-book helps leaders identify the choices they make every day that can help or harm their brand.

It is no secret that employees look for leaders who are empathetic and compassionate, especially during these trying times. More than intelligence or technical skill, employees look for managers who understand their needs, develop their talent, and balance work and play. But sadly, too many companies do not provide the work environment that is optimal for productivity and employees’ mental and emotional health.

This is where DayBreak Enterprises comes in. The company was established by renowned executive coach, Dawn Cook Causey. Dawn has coached more than a thousand leaders in her career. She founded DayBreak Enterprises to help managers become better leaders by helping them raise their emotional intelligence. Studies have shown that leaders and teams that have high emotional intelligence (EQ) achieve better business performance.

To mark DayBreak Enterprises’ 20th anniversary, Dawn is releasing a thought-provoking e-book that identifies leadership choices that help or hurt your brand. “Choices That Put Leaders on the Fast Track” also provides techniques to have more emotionally intelligent interactions.

Choice is at the core of DayBreak Enterprises’ philosophy. “Emotions drive choices. Choices drive behavior. Behavior drives performance. We make thousands of choices every day, so wouldn’t it be wise to know what’s really driving them? It’s your choice. Make it count.”

To start making better choices and accelerate your leadership trajectory, make your next choice a visit to DayBreak Enterprises’ at Or start by getting a free copy of her e-book for a limited time at Choices That Put Leaders on the Fast Track, using the code CHOICES2022.

About DayBreak Enterprises, LLC

Dawn Cook Causey, PCC has coached over a thousand leaders in her career, in addition to holding several leadership positions. After seeing the tremendous impact of EQ personally and professionally, she has made it her mission to raise the bar on EQ in leadership. Join her, won’t you?

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