Wovenx Introduces its 5-Ply Disposable Masks for Kids with Greater than 95% Filtration Efficiency

January 14 22:03 2022
This company’s face masks for kids are also SGS-tested, offering Greater than 95% filtration capabilities for children’s protection against the coronavirus.

News reports say that there is a shortage of kids masks in the market today as children go back to school. In response to this, Wovenx, a company providing quality safety products, introduces its 5-layer disposable masks for kids. The masks are SGS tested to show they have greater than 95% filtration capabilities.

SGS is a world-renowned third-party testing company in Geneva, Switzerland. Testing was done to show that the company’s masks meet the filtration efficiency standard set by SGS. The testing also showed that Wovenx’s kids masks have met the extra requirements that KN95 masks are not tested for in terms of raw material testing, formaldehyde content testing, azo colorants testing and various other testing points that KN95 masks don’t address for children.

According to Wovenx’s spokesperson, KN95 and N95 masks are not made for children. The standards for these masks, in terms of having a snug fit for kids faces, are meant for adults only. The standard GB/T38880-2020 is made and designated specifically for children, and this is what parents should look for when buying their kids, a quality mask.

The spokesperson added that all KN95 and N95 masks have the same filtration layers as the GB/T38880-2020 masks, those filtration layers are called melt blown layers. These melt blown layers are used for PPE face masks and respirators because of their filtration nature.

“Customers have a misconception that because a mask is thin, it doesn’t filter well. Those melt blown layers are the thinnest in all types of masks. Some companies fluff up masks with filler layers to make them seem thicker. This gives people the impression that thick masks filter better. The only filter that is doing the work are the melt blown layers, they don’t allow the particles or water droplets to pass through them.” The spokesperson explained.

The kids mask’s innermost layer is a Polypropylene Spunbond Non-Woven layer that’s soft and gentle on the skin, followed by two layers of polypropylene melt-blown non-woven layers that act as the filters. Then, it features a layer of Spunbond non-woven in-between the filters, followed by a fiber fabric with the printed design.

Wovenx has two sets of face mask designs for boys and girls. Each box of its boys face mask set comes with five dinosaur masks, five fish masks, and five camouflage masks. Its girls set has five unicorn masks, five flower masks, and five camouflage masks.

Each mask has adjustable earloops to fit a child’s face. The mask also features an adjustable strong plastic nose clip that runs along the top to seal the nose area. All masks are light and breathable for comfort and painless coverage.

To browse, shop, and know more about Wovenx’s kids masks, visit http://www.wovenx.com/.

About Wovenx

Wovenx is an American company built on the principle of putting its customers first. For over eight years, the company’s priority has been to provide quality safety products for its customers by developing and improving its mask designs. Its masks are manufactured in a Class 100,000 Clean Room Production Facility in China. The company also offers high-quality beddings for families.

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