Migration Movements Around The World Share Breakthrough Learnings During Worldwide “Startupboat Sessions” In The Wake Of A New, Decentralized, Global Cloud Nation

January 04 22:42 2022
Groundbreaking outcomes of the Startupboat sessions in December 2022

Refugee-support providers in Europe who are helping to ease the Syrian refugee crisis collaborated online with helpers in the United States of America who are working to tackle the growing homelessness epidemic in the U.S..

Also, people who are preparing to flee from the Ukraine with potential helpers in Poland, Moldova, Romania, Hungary and Slovakia.

The mission of Startupboat sessions was to bring people together beyond borders through the power of the internet, and to exchange different techniques, methods, tools and ways to help one another through humanitarian crises that are linked to migration.

Outcomes of the Startupboat session on the 30th of December, we hosted a Startupboat to connect refugee-support providers who are working with individuals from Afghanistan or Belarus and refugee-support providers who help in light of the Syrian refugee crisis. The focus of this Startupboat session was to help stabilise those who are currently being challenged heavily (helpers connected to Afghanistan or Belarus) with those who have already outlived the peak momentum of the crisis they helped ease (helpers involved in the Syrian refugee crisis).

About the Cloud Nation:

The Cloud Nation is the first distributed nation. 

The distributed lands of the Cloud Nation are organised into ,Special Datanomic Zones’, where people can meet offline to discuss, live and grow the permanent culture, principles and impact of the one-world community called the Cloud Nation.

Special Datanomic Zones of the Cloud Nation are built to include universities, schools, hotels and hospitals – among others. Special Datanomic Zones have the mission to constinuously improve education, healthcare, wealth and the meaning of community so as to lift the standard of living for as many people as possible.

Those who become permanent citizens of the Cloud Nation are referred to as ,Cloud Citizens’. All others are referred to as guests.

The Cloud Nation holds diplomatic relations with all countries.

New Zones:

New Special Datanomic Zones of the Cloud Nation include locations in Switzerland, Greece and Spain.

New Partnerships & Roles:

Ahura.ai sponsors the Cloud Nation with free licenses for the retraining of workers.

Kena.ai sponsors a music creator marketplace for education, collaboration and monetization with additional incentives for musicians in Special Datanomic Zones.

The Schwarz Foundation (www.schwarzfoundation.com) supports the Cloud Nation through government relations, public relations and intercultural communications.

Aurgin who builds cummunity centers for creativity, spirituality and regeneration shares their network and locations.

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