Belgium Based Bonita Hair Clinic is Well-known for its High-Quality and Affordable Hair, Beard and Eyebrow Transplantation Services

January 04 22:24 2022
Belgium Based Bonita Hair Clinic is Well-known for its High-Quality and Affordable Hair, Beard and Eyebrow Transplantation Services
Bonita Hair Clinic is dedicated to helping its clients regain their hair and self-confidence with its reliable and safe treatments & services.

Brussels, Belgium – Bonita Hair Clinic was founded by Vedat Aktepe in Istanbul in 2013. They are popular with the local and global clients, due to their caring, customer-centric approach and affordable treatments & services. They provide a comprehensive range of services in the fields of hair, beard and eyebrow transplantation. In addition to its head-office in Istanbul, the Bonita Hair Clinic also has presence in Belgium and Bitlis.


“We are delighted to offer our services to customers across the world. Our treatments are customized as per the specific requirements of our customers and by examining their hair, skin structure and face shape,” says Vedat Aktepe, founder of Bonita Hair Clinic. “We offer free consultations with trained professionals, so that we can better understand the needs of our clients. Our background and experience give us an advantage of knowing what works best and customizing specifically for each client.”

Bonita Hair Clinic is the brainchild of Vedat Aktepe. Vedat entered the hair transplantation sector in 2009 and created his own brand after working in various hair transplantation centers and founded Bonita Hair Clinic in 2013. He is the owner and CEO of clinics serving in Istanbul, Bitlis-Tatvan and Belgium. He also provides hair transplant consultancy to some European, Balkan and Arab countries.

While Bonita Hair Clinic focuses on providing the look that the clients want, its priority is “health”. For this reason, it uses the latest technology products in operations and offers a sterile and safe environment to patients. They also follow up with the clients at regular intervals to know about their well-being after the treatment.


Bonita Hair Clinic has successfully carried out thousands of hair, beard, eyebrow transplantations so far. They have a growing list of customers who all love their products and services and have shared positive reviews and testimonials about their experience.

“I had visited Bonita before the pandemic and I’ve done my hair transplanting successfully. Their works and facilities outstanding. I’m very satisfied and happy. Love you Bonita.,” says V.R. vasiliki miranda, a happy customer.

“One of my friends suggested me for Bonita hair clinic for my transplantation. But I was very afraid. When I went to Bonita, my fear disappeared seeing their facilities and hospitality. The surgeon and the staffs were very friendly. And finally, my hair transplantation was successfully done. Now I’m very happy,” says B.R. simonne ammons, another satisfied customer.

“One of the many reasons why our customers love us is because we don’t treat them as just another number on our list of customers. We get to know them personally because their requirements are as personal as it gets. They can always count on us,” says Vedat. “There’s a need for a low-cost service provider in the market that uses latest technology to offer reliable and personalized services. We started this in an effort to help people regain their hair and self-confidence and have constantly seen a surge in demand for our various services.”

Hair Transplant technology is constantly evolving with the progress of medical research. Bonita Hair Clinic is quick to respond to the latest in transplantation techniques, and keeps upgrading to state-of-the-art and technologically advanced equipment.

“We want to be among those who are adopting the latest in transplantation techniques. Our customers are like our family and we want to make sure we provide them the best treatments available on the market today,” says Vedat. “We will continue to invest in incorporating the latest research and technology in our treatment procedures.”

In addition to hair transplant service, customers can also benefit from other services such as Medical Tourism, where the company arranges a touristic tour for their customers who wish to receive treatment services from them.

Customers can book their appointment in advance through the company’s website or by calling on their customer service number.

About Bonita Hair Clinic

Bonita Hair Clinic provides high-quality and affordable services in the fields of hair, beard and eyebrow transplantation.

For more information about Bonita Hair Clinic and other inquiries, send an email or reach out via the website.

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