Writer and influencer Ladaro Pennix shares how one man made a huge impact during hard times.

January 04 13:48 2022

Writer and influencer Ladaro Pennix have become a huge impact during these current times allowing his words to be used to reach those in need of encouragement. Ladaro Pennix, an individual who has been incarcerated for the last 27 years was recently featured in awarding winning publication SG Magazine where he shared some very touching words regarding his lengthy time span spent in prison and how he’s making it through with change and in good spirits.

He wrote: “One of the biggest struggles was overcoming the fact that I would be spending a large portion of my life inside of a prison cell. At age 16 I gave my life away by being a victim to the very society that I victimized and profess to love. Because of this I found myself spending 27 years in prison. 17 of the 27 years was spent in solitary confinement. There were many times that my spirits were low the trials and tribulations you face in prison can leave you in a dark place. But by the grace of God I was allowed to find purpose not just through love from others but through education and the audacity to believe in the impossible. It is so easy to give up on yourself in these types of circumstances.”

According to the New York times, since the pandemic started, mental health experts have worried that grief, financial strain and social isolation may take an unbearable toll on American psyches. Some warned that the coronavirus had created the “perfect storm” for a rise in suicides. In March 2020, the then president predicted a surge in suicides resulting from statewide lockdowns. It is the second year in a row that suicide numbers has fallen. With that being said, a man who has spent the last 27 years in confinement and still inspired should be a prime example of a true survivor. Ladaro Pennix encouraging words have been used to promote anti-suicide campaigns across the country. “I realize that by giving up on myself I am only running away from the problems that I created for myself and others. So, I decided to face these problems head on by choosing to live by doing all the right things that highlight transformation, reform and change. Because without those elements the outcome for my life would be continued by running my head into a brick wall and failing my life”. Let’s continue to reach the world with words of encouragement as we move ahead beyond these tough times. Life gets better, just give it time.

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