Accent Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Expands Patient Offerings with Morpheus8 for Face and Body

December 08 12:57 2021
Dr. Mark Craig and the Accent Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery team serve the greater Tupelo, MS area.

December 8, 2021 – Dr. Mark Craig and the Accent Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery team are excited to introduce to patients in Tupelo, MS the Morpheus8 system, truly innovative technology in skin resurfacing. Morpheus8 combines the rejuvenating effects of microneedling with the therapeutic heat of radiofrequency (RF) energy for an all-encompassing skin revitalizing treatment anywhere on the face or body.

The Morpheus8 difference is in the unique pin configurations. The Prime 12 pin tip, Resurfacing 24 pin tip, the Morpheus8 24 pin tip, and the Morpheus8 Body 40 pin tip are what give this treatment its ultimate customizability. Each pin is capable of reaching skin depths of 1mm to 8mm for maximum contraction of tissues and regeneration of skin cells. When these pins create the micro-injuries that prompt the skin’s healing response, the RF energy is delivered through the precision pins at the exact depth necessary for maximum cellular repair and regeneration.

Morpheus8 coagulates adipose tissue to reduce it for meticulous tissue sculpting to achieve a younger contour. The RF energy stimulates fibroblasts into collagen fiber production, which gives the skin its ultimate support and youthful firmness. The result is smooth, revitalized skin that continues to improve for up to 6 months as collagen fibers grow. Reinvigorating the face and body has never been easier than with Morpheus8.

With Morpheus8, there’s little risk to patients with darker skin types. The RF energy bypasses the layer of cells that produce melanin, so there’s virtually no risk of the skin discoloration that’s possible with other laser skin resurfacing treatments. Patients of all Fitzpatrick skin types can see remarkable results with Morpheus8.

Dr. Craig’s philosophy is that skincare is vital to maintaining an aesthetically pleasing and youthful appearance, particularly in the relentless Southern sun. For this reason, Accent Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery patients can access the best in skincare technology and products to preserve their youthful radiance and prevent the damage that leads to the signs of aging. The Morpheus8 system for face and body is one more way they connect their patients with advanced skin health.

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