Award-winning short film on climate crisis and power of AI, “Deus Otiosus”, now available for free streaming

December 06 23:15 2021
“Deus Otiosus” is an award-winning sci-fi short film which seeks to find whether a state-of-the-art technology might be the answer to solve the staggering crisis of global warming.

London, UK – December 06, 2021 – With the climate crisis getting worse with each passing day, the world probably needs some cutting-edge solution to tackle the menace. An award-winning sci-fi short film, “Deus Otiosus” has explored the possibilities of whether the state-of-the-art technology of Artificial Intelligence could solve the problem of climate crisis to some extent. Starring celebrity actors like Christopher Fairbanks and Sèverine Howell-Meri of “Hanna” fame (Amazon Prime), the film has been widely lauded at several film festivals and is currently available for free streaming at

“Deus Otiosus: The Idle God” has been written and directed by Mat Braddy, award-winning filmmaker, techie,  Brand Founder of tech startup Just Eat plc. The short film has been produced by Louis Savy, the founder and former director of SCI-FI-LONDON Film Festival. 

Set in Iron-age, “Deus Otiosus: The Idle God” revolves around the story of Bryana (played by Sèverine Howell-Meri), a pregnant hunter who unfortunately loses her husband to pestilence. After being exiled from home, she sets out in search of a hermit who is believed to have magical powers. On meeting the hermit, Bryana demands to know why he is doing nothing to help. But little did she know that God has been anything but idle. The role of God, Deus Otiosus, is played by the famous Christopher Fairbanks.

In an exclusive interview, Mat Braddy shared that the short film poses an extremely crucial question: with the climate crisis hopelessly getting out-of-control of humans, could a state-of-the-art  technology like AI step-in and ‘guide’ us? 

“We are fast approaching the point where probably only a miracle might stop the spiralling problem of global warming”, stated the award-winning filmmaker.

“This film explores what could happen if our politicians’ forlorn prayers for ‘technology’ to save us are actually answered. With the climate crisis getting out of the hands of humans, we probably need some futuristic technology to tackle the problem for us. Could Artificial Intelligence be the answer? The film delves into such possibilities and attempts to open up new questions and avenues for handling the problem of climate crisis.”

The film has spent the past 12 months playing in several cities around the world including Paris, Rome, Boston and New York, picking up multiple awards for direction, cinematography and acting along the way.

“Our new short film has received a grand response at the esteemed film festivals and award ceremonies all across the world. We are extremely grateful to the Jury and the Judges for believing in us and acknowledging our humble endeavour. And now, we are glad to share with you all that the film is finally available for free streaming online.”

“Deus Otiosus: The Idle God” was filmed in March 2020, over 9 days. The film was shot in multiple locations near Bishops Stortford in Hertfordshire, Snettisham in Norfolk, and Celtic Harmony Camp. 

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