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October 20 06:12 2021
Finding the “Internal Driver”

Happiness is Being Whole

Many people say that if they hit their target or reach their goal, they will most certainly be happy. Not surprisingly, may people hit their targets and accomplish their goals, yet they don’t have that happiness.

Why is that?

The answer is simple. Before the pursuit of the target or goal, no thought was given to the self and the why of that goal. That is, why is it so important for them to achieve that goal and will it really give them fulfilment or is it just a part of the greater whole they are pursuing.

Many business owners started off with a goal to pursue an entrepreneurial goal. They may have thought that they would be in control of their own destiny, that they may create more time, that they may make more money, etc. What they discovered was long silent hours spent toiling on their own with no one else around and all the pressure to succeed squarely put on their own shoulders needing to become ever broader.

The fault wasn’t in the thought, but in the lack of analysis about whether the goal being pursued lined up with the persons own internal compass. That is, does what they want truly make their heart sing and bring balance to their life?

Often, the pursuit of something is an external driver and not internal.

People see someone with something and imagine how wonderful their life may be, but do they really don’t know the truth behind the story. Is an entrepreneur who drives a high-end vehicle living in an expensive home truly happy? What is happening behind that external image? If a person were to examine the situation to the fullest, perhaps they would come to the conclusion that their case will be different; but it rarely is.

A person with a sense of wholeness is a person who will smile in a storm and will revel in all that they have rather than continue to pursue external objects as a way to appease their appetite for more. Their career will often succeed more naturally and not by force. They tend to see opportunity where others see adversity and they will pursue with ease and balance without throwing off the rest of their lives. They will understand the ultimate truth that ‘Moderation in all things, including Moderations’ because they know that at times, they will have to give a full court press to achieve that target and goal, but it will be done with balance and wholeness.

Being whole means that all things are in their place and life moves in perfect harmony having been examined and understood by the owner of that life.

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