Growing Vegetables Freely | HENGKO Smart Agricultural Temperature And Humidity Monitoring System

October 11 15:56 2021

Can China plant vegetables on the Moon? What can we plant? The questions triggered heated discussions online over the weekend after Chang’e 5 returned to Earth on Thursday with 1,731 grams of samples from the moon. This is enough to show that the favor of Growing vegetables for Chinese.

During ancient times, the yield has relied on the weather. However, it is different in the 21st century. Intelligent agricultural temperature and humidity monitoring systems adopt the network, big data, computer, sensor and IoT technology to create suitable weather and soil moisture that let the crops grow well.

What is the HENGKO smart agricultural temperature and humidity monitoring system? Applied in crop monitoring, using the terminal equipment( Temperature and humidity sensor, Soil PH sensor, gas sensor, Light sensor, Soil moisture meter, etc), smart sensing technology collects metrics about the state of the crops (temperature, humidity, health indicators) and uploads the data to the cloud platform via GPRS/4G. The powerful data analysis function makes the data comprehensive, real-time and clear. Remote monitoring enables farmers to take timely measures should anything go wrong.

There are various function of the smart agricultural temperature and humidity monitoring system:

1. Agricultural field data collection function (such as temperature and humidity, soil pH, etc.);

2. Agricultural production scene video collection, production process monitoring function;

3. A large number of data analysis functions accumulated in the production process;

4. Remote control functions such as rolling curtain, irrigation, fan, etc;

5. Mobile monitoring and control functions;

HENGKO lets you better react to changes in the micro-climates and soils that surround people’s developing plants. With our smart agricultural temperature and humidity monitoring system, you can receive real-time crop data directly to people’s phone—all season long.

No matter what you grow, where you grow, or how you grow, HENGKO® can be placed almost anywhere and configured to give you the data you need, when you need it.

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