Top Personal Finance and Credit Expert Shawn Younai Is Teaching People On Social Media How To Make and Save Money

October 11 19:15 2021
Shawn Younai (known as @creditandcars online) is using Instagram to teach people across the nation how to save money, make money, and build their credit score without taking any losses

Have you ever wondered why some people praise credit cards and having a high credit score? Well, Shawn Younai is pulling back the curtain and shining the spotlight on the exact reasons why personal credit, credit score, and credit cards are absolutely essential to personal finance!

Known on social media as @creditandcars, Shawn Younai is an experienced personal credit and financial expert. Whether teaching his students how to travel for next-to-nothing, giving tips on building personal credit, or sharing wisdom on how to utilize loopholes in credit card opening rewards and points… he is currently regarded as one of the most knowledgeable experts in his field on social media.While Younai coaches people online and in real life, he currently has thousands of people subscribed to his premium mentoring private story, where he shares the latest tips, tricks, and legal loopholes to build credit quickly, save, and even make money. Currently, Shawn is teaching people on both a paid and free level, all done through his Instagram account. While Younai shares and teaches valuable information for free on his account, what he is teaching to his private students is priceless.

According to Shawn Younai, having a proper credit score and utilizing legal, yet profitable loopholes is an essential part of his personal finance ‘kama sutra’. While some see credit cards as debt weapons, Shawn sees them as opportunities to not only save money but… make money! An example Shawn once shhowed on his story, was how he used a credit card instead of cash to make a purchase on an item, then selling it, and getting paid over a thousand dollars in cash back from the credit card he used; an example of one of the many ways Shawn teaches people how to benefit from credit cards, and make them pay YOU instead of you paying them. A few weeks ago Shawn showed how opening a card with certain travel companies (that offer opening incentive), can allow you to stay in hotels, rent cars, or even fly for FREE. Shawn is showing people all around the country, that your credit score and credit cards, in general, can work for YOU! Shawn Younai is showing people that having good credit, and using it strategically not only saves you tons of money, but also generates it! And if you have a low credit score, don’t worry, because Shawn also teaches people (for free), secret ways to quickly and legally raise your credit score as fast as possible!

To see what Shawn Younai is up to, and to learn tips and tricks to save money and utilize personal credit, be sure to follow his Instagram (@creditandcars)

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