Custom Water Wall Interior by Midwest Tropical

October 06 15:42 2021

Having an Interior Water Wall from Midwest Tropical is increasingly within people’s reach. It is no longer necessary to have large portions of land to enjoy Water Wall Interior with the family and in your own home. Learn about the advantages of a Water Wall, an unstoppable trend for houses with small spaces, patios, and smaller gardens.

What type of Water Wall Interior to choose from Midwest Tropical?

You may be tempted to purchase a removable or plastic Water Wall initially. These are usually cheaper than the construction ones and are also installed very quickly. However, plastic or removable Interior Water Wall has a certain factory design that does not always adapt to our patio or garden’s space. This same aspect must be considered in the case of fiber, which also has some volume and rigidity that prevent them from being put into the house through the doors.

In addition to the Interior Water Wall’s adaptability to the garden or patio space, small built-in tools make it possible to achieve a slope if you want or a particular design, elevated or not, among many other options. It is also possible to foresee whether the Water Wall if you want to enjoy it throughout the year and all seasons.

Maintenance of Interior Water Wall

Another advantage of the Interior Water Wall, an unstoppable trend in the real estate and construction sector, is the low cost of maintenance. Pools make maintenance difficult and expensive, of course.

Like all Interior Water Wall, no matter what size they are, the smaller ones require maintenance. If it has little volume or a larger volume but includes a cleaner, it does not imply any complications.

If you have a small Interior Water Wall, we recommend a compact group for filtering and pumping water. It is silent and self-priming equipment. It is compatible with chlorinated water, demineralized water, ozone-treated water, and saltwater.

Maintenance of Interior Water Wall

The hygiene and maintenance of a Water Wall without a filter require following the following tips to enjoy clean and transparent water.

Treatment and disinfection

You can use a chemical treatment by applying chlorine without copper sulfate to avoid the aggression of this chemical to the eyes and skin. Even better if the chlorine is multi-action and includes anti-algae. It acts to deposit the suspended particles at the bottom to sweep with a robot cleaner. As it does not have a purifier or filtration equipment, this chemical is essential. Visit the Midwest Tropical website for recommendations.  

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