Humbled Trader Proves that Consistent Trading Profits can be Achieved with Risk Management and Patience

October 06 19:06 2021
Humbled Trader reveals the reality behind the hard work of day trading, revamping the lies of quick money schemes online.

Trading is a challenging and risky career without ample preparation. Those who have dedicated years to this craft are certain to reap the rewards from the market. To help new traders understand the reality of this career and stay motivated in their trading journey, Humbled Trader Shay graciously shares insights on trading through her YouTube channel, which she started back in 2019.

Shay, also known as Humbled Trader, is one such trader who has spent time honing her skills and mastering her emotions so that she can keep her cool amidst ongoing market fluctuations. She has successfully transitioned from being a part-time losing day trader to a profitable, full-time trader after several years of hard work.

On the Humbled Trader YouTube channel, Shay stresses the importance of establishing a risk profile, and growing small trading accounts slowly but surely, instead of swinging for fences trying to get rich quickly and giving into FOMO – “fear of missing out.”

As an educator and an advocate of the reality of day trading, Shay reminds her viewers constantly that there is no such thing as “easy Lamborghini money”, which is a common marketing gimmick in the day trading industry. She says trading is an incredibly demanding yet fulfilling career in the long run with enough patience and hard work. It is imperative to not always look for shortcuts or follow other get-rich-quick schemes like trading alerts or signals. “Do not compare your chapter one to somebody else’s chapter twenty,” she said. People need to understand all things worthwhile take time.

More than anything, Shay highlights that one will only be able to appreciate how far they’ve come if they learn to be content. She mentioned in one of her videos that she would have never thought that she’d be making consistent profits when she opened her first trading account in 2014. She acknowledges that she may not be the richest day trader in the game, but she knows she has created a financially lucrative career for herself through hard work and perseverance.

Most people online only see the result after years of trading but what she would like to really show is all the tears and sweat behind the cold numbers. New traders should learn to plan their trades, collect screen time, and accept that they are going to have to pay market tuition to learn a proper trading process, and most importantly, risk management.

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About Humbled Trader

Shay – better known as Humbled Trader by her loyal followers – is a successful day trader, YouTube personality, and founder of the Humbled Trader Community and Academy. After getting tired of the Lamborghinis and lavish lifestyles being falsely sold in an everyday trading tutorial on the internet, Shay decided to create her own content – as a real trader, for other real traders. Known for her straightforward, no BS approach to day trading education, Shay recognizes that day trading is not about easy money or getting rich quickly. Shay and her team of full-time day trading coaches teach Humbled Trader Community and Academy members to prioritize risk management and put processes before profits for sustainable income generation.

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