Talented Trio of Traditional Artists Bring Their Artwork to Life as NFTs

September 10 20:30 2021
Artists and Technology are Changing the Way We View and Collect Fine Art

Clearwater, FL – September 10, 2021 – In a new twist on NFTs, three well known and highly successful traditional artists, David Yorke, Grant Hacking and Steven Lang, each released their first digital NFTs today. Collaborating with digital art creator and entrepreneur, Paul Brown, one collectible image from each artist was minted and listed for sale on the OpenSea NFT platform.

Paul Brown made the following comment regarding the release, “We took amazing original artworks on canvas and were able to add another dimension to them. Together, with the artists, we created digital images that come to life with animation and sound, and offered each of these as an NFT. To date, there hasn’t been much crossover from fine artists to NFTs and I think that is about to change.” Brown has been involved in fine art through his family’s 39 year old art gallery and in digital art and NFTs for the past few years. “I love both traditional and digital art, but I find it is the combination of the two that results in the best of both worlds,” commented Brown.

To date, two dimensional fine art has mostly been created on canvas and viewed in galleries, museums and private collections. While digital art and most NFTs, on the other hand, are created and viewed via computer and sometimes include images that are more akin to an avatar or meme than they are to a work of art. As the market for NFTs continues its amazing growth; however, sales totaled $2.4 billion in the first half of 2021, many traditional artists are seeing both the creative and financial advantages offered by this marketplace. Today artists can not only create their traditional original art, but they now have the ability to enhance the artwork with motion and sound. “It is wonderful to see artists beautiful originals on canvas, but it is a jaw-dropping experience when you witness these amazing images coming to life,” added Mr Brown.

The fine art world seems ready to embrace this market, as well. Traditional auction houses like Sotheby’s and Christie’s have been successfully including more and more digital pieces in their auctions in 2021. And even a traditional art magazine like, Art of the West, that has been published for 37 years, recently included an article on NFTs and, in particular, the work of these three fine artists. Change is coming to the fine art world and these three artists may be leading the charge.

Please find links to the animated images of these three pieces below and contact Mr Brown for more information on these artists and their artwork. Please visit the website for more information.


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