Clean Planet Solutions Launches a Fight Against Delta Variant With Latest Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Microbial, and 100% Organic Cotton SilverSmart COVID-19 Mask

August 02 21:00 2021
New state-of-the-art, eco-friendly SilverSmart masks assure highly effective protection against Delta variant with organic water repellent coating.

Las Vegas, Nevada – August 02, 2021 – With the menacing Delta variant gripping its heinous claws all around the world, it’s about time to put up a more formidable defense against the virus than ever. In that light, Clean Planet Solutions has collaborated with renowned mask manufacturer SilverSmart to introduce an industry-leading, 100% anti-bacterial, antimicrobial mask that has been scientifically-proven to stage a powerful fight against pathogens, especially COVID-19. The new mask is 100% organic and is manufactured following sustainable and eco-friendly measures.

The premium SilverSmart masks are also layered with a plant-based water repellent solution that not only repels water but also extends the shelf-life of the product. The product is washable and reusable up to 20x. 

“We’re very excited about the continuing global collaboration, especially between the United States and India, in protecting our communities from Covid-19. We finally have a mask that checks all the boxes, even more so for the environmentally-conscious crowd. With the rise of the Delta variant, the opportunity to bring SilverSmart masks to the American public comes at a good time”, stated Patrick Welsh, CEO of Clean Planet Solutions.

The advanced SilverSmart masks are GOTS-certified products. GOTS aka Global Organic Textile Standard certificate is a globally approved standard for organic cotton; only the most premium textile products that contain minimum 70% of organic fibers are eligible to receive the premier certification. Also, GOTS restricts usage of chemical input during textile production to ensure a sustainable and eco-friendly manufacturing process. All SilverSmart masks are manufactured with 100% organic cotton fabric and free from harmful chemicals.  

Another major USP of SilverSmart masks is their organic production process. Conventional cotton farms have been found to expose people to toxic chemicals. Once the SilverSmart team discovered the reality of traditional farms, it was determined to launch a completely organic production process. 

“We aim to keep Americans safe from inhaling pesticides from the mask fibers which is otherwise unavoidable if you are using a regular mask made from cotton manufactured by traditional cotton farms. Thus, we follow a 100% organic production process that keeps all those harmful chemicals at bay and protects the health of both the users and the environment. Made from organic fiber, our masks are always more breathable, comfortable, and less irritating than regular masks. 100% Organic cotton also helps to naturally wick away moisture that eventually controls the ‘maskne’ issues as well”, stated the leading spokesperson from SilverSmart Mask. 

  Top features of SilverSmart masks: 

  • 100% antibacterial and antimicrobial
  • Scientifically-backed and has proven to be extremely effective against dangerous pathogens, especially COVID-19
  • 100% organic and manufactured following ethical and eco-friendly measures
  • GOTS-certified product
  • Water repellant and wicks away moisture naturally
  • Easily breathable and highly comfortable
  • Adjustable masks
  • Stylish and elegant
  • Safer, smarter, and softer than regular masks 

The masks are offered in a variety of quantities, sizes, colors, and designs., ranging from Single Layer Laser Cut Masks, 2 Ply Adjustable Masks, 3 Ply Masks and so on. The masks are available in 3-pack to 7-pack variants.  

SilverSmart Mask is flexible to cater to all kinds of order sizes, including bulk orders. From 100 packs to a whopping 100 million shipment, the company is equipped to handle all with the same momentum.  

If needed, SilverSmart Mask can even customize the masks as per client’s preferred colors and other branding specifications.  

“We want everyone to stay safe, even as vaccines progress and light is appearing at the end of the tunnel.” 

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These masks are recommended for retail grocery workers and endorsed by global supermarket consultant Joseph Welsh “Joe the Grocer” of Joseph Welsh Consulting.

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