New book “Pain Kil’lah” by Rob Northrup is released, an action-packed follow up to “The Family Jewels” that takes Jake Cohen on globetrotting, even more dangerous adventures

February 23 17:34 2021

The Family Jewels Series #2: Pain Kil’lah” by Rob Northrup has been released worldwide. This 460-page novel follows Jake Cohen, an unlikely hero, as he pursues a legendary treasure of jewels. There is more at stake than treasure, however, as Jake risks life and limb to avenge his father and realizes just how valuable the mythical trove of sapphire truly is. 

The Family Jewels Series #2: Pain Kil’lah (ISBN: 9781736384534) can be purchased through retailers worldwide, including and Amazon. The paperback retails for $13.99 Wholesale orders are available through Ingram. 

From the back cover:

Sapphire… The stone of kings, gods, sorcerers, wisdom, and, ultimately, the apocalypse. A centuries-old collection of the gems has been stolen, and the reclusive ski and surf bum Jake Cohen has been half-enlisted and half-conscripted to chase the stones down and avenge his father’s beating. 

But no one knows the true purpose and power of the sapphires, or the depths those involved will take to claim ownership of the jewels… 

Come take a ride from high mountain peaks and across blue oceans & sandy beaches with Jake and his cohorts as he chases The Family Jewels, and possibly changes the history of the world! 

About the author:

It is said, “Scars are like tattoos, with better stories…” Sporting a keloid-blemished hide, Rob Northrup has his share of stories to tell. From travels over deadly avalanche-conditions to access back country powder bowls or crossing crocodile-swarmed rivers & shark infested waters to surf the longest point break in the world, Rob has risked it all for adrenaline rush. Such adventures often leave marks. Some visible on the epidermis, others beneath the surface, on the heart and on the soul; concealed, but indelible wounds, nonetheless.

Rob lives in San Diego with his soulmate of over 2 decades, 2 wonderful kids, and a slightly off-kilter but loveable Golden Retriever, Buddy. He’s coached baseball & soccer, with many of his players moving on to win league, state and even national titles. With experiences spanning mountain peaks to tropical beaches and across deserts, rivers, and oceans, with more than occasional stops at colorful bars and taverns, Rob spins tales of mayhem, madness, and mirth for the enjoyment of others.

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