Kim Kardashian: Her Biggest Crush is named “Lucifer Menace”

June 30 23:42 2020

With the release of his new music video in 2020, Las Vegas rap artist “Lucifer Menace” announced to his fans his love for Kim Kardashian before she was famous. Gossip magazine quoted his twitter post saying “Kid or not, I’d dump in her, hands free”. Judging by the artist’s name, you wouldn’t expect anything less. For an artist on the come up racking up 50k fans his first year, he’s trail blazing in ways unheard of in hiphop and pushing platforms to make a new lane for Horrorcore Rap Music. quoted him as the “The Marilyn Manson of hiphop” before he established his Record Label “Menace Inc” featuring their first artist “JayBird Menace” from Cleveland, Ohio.

Make sure you follow their movement on social media and stand for a cause at or check his new music video out on youtube!

Who are the “Menaces”?

A movement founded by rap artist “Lucifer Menace” to scout and find people who are misunderstood by society and need help. 80% of people dealing with mental illnesses such as depression all the way to schizophrenia have nobody to confide in. Lucifer seen this issue and took initiative utilizing funds from his business to have facebook look for every person he knows is just like me. Wow, talk about needing friends. In the end, he has made a global family referred to as his “Menaces”. He is heavily engaged with them versus fans who only listen to his music. For an artist who deals with Borderline Personality Disorder on the daily, he seems to be quite passionate with his music and work.

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