How the TempSkan thermometer is changing the Health industry

June 30 08:26 2020

Coronavirus outbreak was declared a pandemic by WHO on March, 11. Into its 3rd month, it has infected more than 9 million people worldwide, out of which more than 4 million people have recovered and 400,000 have died. The bad news is that the numbers are still rising.

The post-COVID-19 outbreak picture of economies around the world is as grim. However, cities around the world have started allowing businesses to operate under definite preventive measures, including regular temperature checks. For example, Bill de Blasio, the Mayor of New York City shared with Morning Joe that workplaces would have to check their employees for temperature when they return to work.

Like most of the businesses, you also cannot afford a long term closure. At the same time, testing your employees daily for coronavirus is impractical. You also cannot use contact thermometers as it defeats the whole purpose.

Your workplace needs non-contact thermometers.

And that’s where TempSkan comes in. It’s helping businesses around the world open up with ease of mind. But not just workplaces, it’s used in many places for its accurate temperature checking without coming in close contact with the person at all.

This inevitably has helped with the following.

Why get TempSkan?

It’s helping with social distancing

The COVID-19 spreads from person to person. Therefore, keeping a certain distance from one another can help reduce its spread. That’s particularly why TempSkan is considered the industry-wide favorite because it can check temperatures from a distance of 3 feet. The device is completely automatic, which eliminates the need for any personnel or employee to hold it to the forehead of the person they are checking for a fever.

It allows to open your business safely

One of the key WHO guidelines for workplaces is that they should check the returning employees for temperatures. Following this suite, Amazon announced on April 2 that it has been checking more than 100,000 employees daily.

Thanks to the 100% contactless screening of TempSkan, you can also safeguard your workplace against any possible contact with an infected person as one of the first symptoms of COVID-19 is fever.

Besides this, you can easily integrate the local and state guidelines into your business’s work ethics. That would ultimately ensure a sense of security among your employees as well as your customers.

You can even integrate it with your access controls and applications. So, when an employee has more than the recommended temperature, he or she can be barred from entering the premises.

It uses Advanced Thermo Imaging Technology

TempSkan uses an Automated AI Temperature Screening Technology that has taken the health care system by storm. It is by far the latest and most cost-effective temperature checking device that can ensure the safety of your customers and employees alike.

And it does all this in mere seconds.

The technology has been developed to make sure your workplace retains the same sense of health security as it did before.

Other than that,

  • TempSkan can act as a much-needed barrier between the infected persons and your healthy workplace.
  • It reads temperature from up to 3 feet away, which means it stays safe from any possible contact with the person it checks. This ensures that not even a single virus enters your workplace’s premises as 3 feet is the recommended distance of saving anyone or any surface from the virus.
  • As described above, its ability to get easily integrated with your access protocols can maintain a safe environment by reducing risk and limiting access to sensitive parts of your workplace.
  • Paramedical staff, airport security personnel, and everyone who has employed TempSkan deem its results as the most accurate on the market. Needless to say, since they encounter a lot of people on a daily basis, they rely on its fastest technology.
  • Its hygienic, non-contact, infrared function can save your staff from other infectious diseases as well. A temperature above 100 degrees celsius sounds alarms for a lot of other infectious diseases.

The ultimate benefit – bring your employees on board

The coronavirus pandemic has repercussions for the mental health of employees around the world. There’s been so much panic on the media and outside that for them, cultivating an enormous amount of fear is inevitable.

And you know what fear does to the faculties of a person. When that person is your employee, you can expect a reduction in their performance as their sheer focus is on only one thing – to survive by not getting infected. In fact, a CNBC and SurveyMonkey look into the way employees are affected tell us that 54% of workers say that doing their jobs have become harder in the pandemic.

According to the same source, effective management will stand crucial in supporting employees in this new environment. What could be better than employing all safety standards in your workplace to gear up their confidence?

And that is the ultimate benefit of using TempSkan.

  • Your employees and customers get safety assurance.
  • When they know that your business is safe and your company is following all the right measures, their anxieties and stress reduce to a comfortable level.
  • They forget about getting infected inside the building and work with a renewed sense of security to take your company to new heights.
  • Besides anything, temperature-checking might be the new normal in the aftermath of this pandemic. Just as you employ other tactics to encourage growth, you’d ultimately have to integrate this into the daily work lives of your employees for a prosperous future.

It comes with a warranty

Employing TempSkan thermometer in your building has a win-win situation for everyone.

  • Your employees feel safe.
  • Your customers become confident that they won’t get infected.
  • Your overhead costs on buying PPEs and hiring trained staff for screening reduce dramatically.

And since it comes with a one year warranty,

  • You can always trust it.

Final words

TempSkan is not just a new buzzword of the internet, but a viable health security and coronavirus prevention system that can check anyone entering your building from 3 feet and in 2 seconds.

Its industry-grade accurate thermal scanning technology is becoming popular by the day with paramedics and other screening personnel stationed at different entry points. This tech when accompanied by facial recognition and integrated with access applications of your business can bear many financial and health benefits for your company.

So, why wait and see your competition get ahead of you when you can reopen your workplace right now? All you have to do is install TempSkan and leave the rest to it.

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