Sociallyshare Launches The Social Media Revolutionized Campaign On Kickstarter

June 30 07:48 2020
Innovative social media site, Sociallyshare, announces the launch of a fundraising campaign on Kickstarter to improve the user-friendliness of the platform

June 30, 2020 – Patryk Janik created Sociallyshare as a platform to redefine the way people made use of social media by leveraging the concept to strengthen the connection between individuals worldwide. In a similar vein, the founder of the platform recently took his plight to the popular fundraising website, Kickstarter, with the launch of the Social Media Revolutionized campaign. The goal of the campaign is to raise funds to improve the performance of the platform and aid the possible launch of a mobile app for easier connectivity.

Recently, I read a tweet from one of my followers ‘Social media should bring us closer, but instead, it’s driving us away from each other.’ I believe we can change this,” said Patryk J, the founder of Sociallyshare.

The advent of social media has greatly influenced the way people interact worldwide, seemingly making the world a true global village. Several platforms have emerged in recent times to meet the diverse needs of users. Unfortunately, many of the available social networking sites seem to have limited features, inhibiting people from expressing themselves as they desire. However, Patryk Janik is looking to change the narrative and literally disrupt the status quo with Sociallyshare.

Sociallyshare uniquely combines features that are missing o other social media platforms. The platform that started as a community-based social media site has expanded to an all-inclusive networking site that does not limit the imagination and creativity of users. The current features of MCG already stand it out from the pack, with regular updates based on the feedback of users.

Sociallyshare aims to combine communities, allowing users to engage with fantastic communities, meet amazing people, follow the interesting users and their blogs and connect with their friends. MCG is particularly unique for their privacy policy. Unlike other platforms that allow anyone to view the profile of users, MCG ensures that users have full control of their profile and who access their data.

The raised funds from the Kickstarter campaign will be used for the addition of a lot of new features, fixing of bugs, and acquiring a better hosting server to will drastically improve performance.

Interested backers can support the revolutionary social media app by donating on Kickstarter.

About Sociallyshare

Sociallyshare is a social platform that allows users to connect, follow, and engage with one another in ways that other social networking sites cannot provide.

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