Snafu The Weather Wardrobe App: The best app to find the perfect outfit for any weather condition

June 29 15:08 2020
Snafu The Weather Wardrobe App: The best app to find the perfect outfit for any weather condition
Master the Fit, Master the Day.

June 29, 2020 – Unveiling Snafu, a hybrid weather app that combines basic features of an ordinary weather app and details report on what to wear for the day and the rest of the week with beautiful design fashion outfits for any weather condition. It is set to relaunch on Monday, June 29, 2020, to its already sizable growing audience.

The first thing 80% of smartphone users do when they wake in the morning is check their mobile phones. Nearly every consumer has a morning ritual; some check the news, email, or social media. And, of course we all check the weather.

The weather affects all of us. It’s a conversation starter and it establishes a common ground between people. When the weather is beautiful, notifications from weather apps can help to plan out our day. When the weather turns nasty, severe weather alerts are a matter of safety needed to trust. In order to stand out in the bustling weather app crowd, Snafu give users the ability to be best dressed for any weather condition.

Snafu makes pulling together your best outfits fast, easy, and fun—it’s basically your Weather Wardrobe!

The app works by recommending you outfits to wear that might be already in your closet. Snafu also suggest outfits for the day or the week, ensuring you’ll always be sure to look your best no matter the weather forecast.

‘The Weather Wardrobe. Snafu changes how people get dressed for any weather condition for thousands of people in over 20 countries worldwide. We converted raw weather data into beautifully designed visuals coupled with designer and fashionable clothing brands that align outfits for any weather forecast. From casual to formal, this app displays wardrobe suggestions to our users looking for that perfect outfit’ Says Founders Warren Connley, Schapiro and Michael Kalu

“This is an amazing app! I recommend it. It tells you the accurate weather and the perfect outfits for it, even the graphics are cute.” says Bhawna Rohilla

In today’s world, we’ve gotten used to seeing the weather change with little notice and sometimes no notice at all. From flash floods and hurricanes to knowing precisely how hot it is outside, having a good weather app on your side can make all the difference. A quick trip through the iOS App Store or Google Play will turn up several weather apps that offer everything from up-to-the-minute forecasts, radar-aided overviews and extended looks at coming weather patterns but none compare to Snafu.

Snafu is the best weather app loaded on a smartphone that can come in handy. It’s a good weather app that suggest what to wear and what conditions might be like when venturing outdoors, and when weather conditions become more extreme Snafu can even notify you when there’s a dangerous storm on the way, requiring you to hunker down further.

Wake up in the morning and wonder what to wear? Snafu is the easiest way to plan your outfit for the day or the week. Kindly visit

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