Poor Indoor Air Quality Causes Long Term Problems

April 03 00:54 2020
Poor Indoor Air Quality Causes Long Term Problems

Ben Kayatta, Owner of Xcalibur Services
Ben Kayatta of Xcalibur Services wants you to take care of your air quality.

By Jim Kedge

BIRMINGHAM, AL Allergy season is just around the corner. With the arrival of spring, many people start coughing and wheezing due to pollen and dust in the air. For some, this time of year is incredibly uncomfortable. Nasal passages fill up causing sensitivity to light and environments and an increase in tension in the nose and head. For those with intense allergies, sometimes the only relief they have is to stay indoors.

Air quality inside the typical home, however, can be two to five times more contaminated than the air outside. Dust builds up quickly, especially in older homes, throughout the winter—heating and ventilation systems full-cycle air through the house about three times per day. The dust in the corners of a home or office gets redistributed into air ducts, settling when the system shuts down. If vents dont get cleaned or taken care of, and if other crucial steps aren’t taken, indoor air quality can decrease dramatically, bothering allergies and magnifying other health concerns.

Ben Kayatta, owner of Xcalibur Services in Birmingham, Alabama, knows a lot about the importance of quality. “My time serving in the Marine Corps taught me that we have to pay careful attention to quality,” explains Ben. “I tackle my service work with the same dedication and commitment I learned in the military.”

If homeowners dont take care of their air ducts and homes,” says Ben, “they can struggle with essential things like personal comfort and sleep.” Young children and older family members are especially bothered by poor air quality. “I love to take care of people,” he states. “My drive to improve the quality of life of others is behind everything I do.” Whether it is a missionary trip to the jungles in Peru or a service call to a client, Ben and his team work hard to identify needs and find the best solutions.

Mr. Kayatta explains that there are little things people can do to take greater care of the air quality in their homes. “For one, keep your house clean,” he implores. “When we do a thorough job of vacuuming and dusting, we remove many of the harmful particles that can spread through our home.” There are also special air filters that homeowners can have put into their homes and onto their cleaning devices. “Changing the filters in your furnace and AC unit can help to keep indoor air clean,” says Ben. “If you have a dog or cat that needs brushing, take care of that outside. And don’t use too many heavily scented cleaning products or perfumes.”

Without routine maintenance and cleaning, ventilation systems lose their effectiveness and power. Even cost-saving, high-efficiency systems start using more energy than intended. Regular maintenance and cleanings help keep these systems functioning as they should. We work hard to ensure our clients homes are both safe and comfortable,” says Ben. Taking good care of ventilation systems is a significant part of making those both possible.”

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