New Kickstarter Campaign Introduces Sociables – The Ultimate Party Game

February 26 02:10 2020

This new party drinking game Sociables” puts a fun twist to traditional party games, making it a fun and exciting experience for everyone!

Sociables is a drinking game that many people are already familiar with. Also known as Kings Cup” or Ring of Fire,” the game is a staple for those who want to get in the party mood. A Kickstarter campaign was introduced recently by two young entrepreneurs, who plan to take their new party game, Sociables, global.

We all know that feeling of standing around, nursing a cup or two of beer at a house party, hearing crickets. While the music may be loud, the party seems to be missing a pulse. Thats where Sociables comes in to liven up the party. Sociables is a party game that puts a fun twist to traditional party games, where gameplay is enjoyable for those who are playing the game and for those who just want to watch. But really, Sociables is the ultimate party game that is sure to get everybody at the party playing.” – Rhyan, co- founder.

Throwing a great party is an art. Even wild party goers require some semblance of dignity, where introducing a deck of Sociables is a great way to get everybody having fun and engaged for the proceedings of the evening. Sociables is made with simplicity in mind – each card contains a traditional party game on it for some compelling scripted action, and it has instructions written right on it so you can easily keep playing after a few drinks. Playing the game is so incredibly easy you could play it anywhere, which is the main draw to Sociables. But while this may be a drinking game, Sociables allows partygoers to drink responsibly while still having fun, or to choose to not drink at all and play.

When youre throwing a party, you dont want your guests to stand around and talk to each other all night. With a combination of the right mix of party tunes and a game like Sociables, you can take your party to the next level.

“Games are the perfect way to break the ice at a party, but its even more impressive if there are some rules to the chaos. With each card containing written instructions on some of the most loved party games, you are sure to have a bash that your guests are not going to forget (or remember, depending on how many drinks theyve had!) any time soon. Some of the games that have been included in Sociables are, Never Have I Ever, Drinking Buddy, Sevens, and of course the classic Sociables card.”

The card game is a great for pre-games and house parties, college parties, hostel parties, at a bar or restaurant, at family gatherings, on a boat, in a campground, or while traveling. And because theres always that one guy who spills his drink, the cards are all spill-proof, ensuring many nights of fun and entertainment for you and your guests. The creators have also planned several expansion packs with various themes that are scheduled to release in the future, offering hours of fun and excitement for you and your guests.

For our initial launch, were going to need all the support we can get, so any pledges will be greatly appreciated. As a show of appreciation, those who make a pledge to our Kickstarter campaign will get some incredible freebies that will allow you to up your Sociables game and be the first to own Sociables. So, head over to our Kickstarter page now and get Sociables while you can. If youre not ready to support us by making a small pledge, wed appreciate it if you could just share the information of our Kickstarter campaign with friends and family, or anyone that parties and likes to have a great time!

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