In Virginia Beach, Anyone Can Sell Their Home As-Is

February 26 02:06 2020
In Virginia Beach, Anyone Can Sell Their Home As-Is

Homeowners facing foreclosure or just want to sell their property quickly consider the advantages of selling the property as-is. Instead of going through the extra red tape, the homeowners sell the property to an investor or private buyer without additional steps. Reviewing the steps for a quick sale shows the property owner what they can expect and what benefits they receive. 

No Inspections are Necessary

The homeowner doesn’t have to worry about a property inspection or the findings slowing down the real estate transaction. With quick sale options, the property is sold as it stands, and the buyer doesn’t need a property inspection. The homeowner won’t have to wait for the buyer to review a property inspection and renegotiate their offer. The homeowner gets the exact same offer during the sale. It doesn’t matter what condition the property is in. 

You Don’t Need a Real Estate Agent

Homeowners won’t face a financial loss by hiring a real estate agent for the property sale and having to pay the agent a commission for the sale. All the money goes to the homeowner directly, and they won’t have to worry about additional fees for the closing. There isn’t a lengthy closing process where the two parties must attend and wait for the attorney to examine mortgage documents and ensure that the loan terms don’t include predatory lending terms. 

No Repairs or Property Staging

Homeowners are selling the property as-is and won’t have to complete any repairs found during an inspection. It doesn’t matter if the property needs cleaning or waste management services. The buyer is purchasing the property just as it stands without any walk-throughs or viewings. Property owners won’t have to clean or declutter the home. Staging is not necessary for the seller. What the home looks like doesn’t affect the sale or the offer the seller receives. 

An Easier Way to Sell Your Home

Evolve House Buyers offers fair and reasonable offers for homeowners. The property is evaluated according to vital factors, such as the age of the home, its dimensions, location, and its amenities. The we buy houses company conducts an appraisal according to a market analysis. The offer is based on the price at which similar homes in the neighborhood have sold for recently. The assessment is based on buying the property as-is without repairs and without visiting the home. Homeowners who want to learn more about selling their home as-is contact the service provider directly or visit for more information now. 

Paying the Lender Quickly and Moving On 

At the end of the process, the seller gets a full cash payment within 24-hours of the closing. The seller can pay their lender and manage the remaining mortgage balance quickly. It’s a better choice than allowing the home to go through a foreclosure and damaging the owner’s credit. 

Homeowners don’t need an inspection when selling the home as-is. A real estate agent is another expense the owner can avoid. When reviewing the advantages of a quick sale, the property owners discover the quick sale is a better alternative, and they get their money faster.

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