Legal entity frameworks to start manufacturing operations in Mexico: Free ebook launches

February 15 03:03 2020
Manufacturing decision makers will be able to learn some of the differences between operating in Mexico with their own legal entity vs. working under a shelter program´s legal entity.

American Industries Group just released a new free ebook devoted to help manufacturers seeking for a low labor cost location to learn some of the administrative risks, working frameworks and differences between, operating in Mexico with your own legal entity vs. working under a shelter program’s legal entity.

Mexico is a country with different laws, language, culture, and working environment.

Depending on the scenario that you select, here is how you will face administrative risks and liabilities.

You can sell your products and services in Mexico in both scenarios.

However, invoicing will be different:

  1. Your Own Legal Entity: You will be able to invoice from your Mexican legal entity with tax and duties implications.
  2. Under a Shelter’s Legal Entity: You will invoice from your parent company and deliver in Mexico through virtual pedimentos.

Under both scenarios, you will be the owner of your machinery, equipment, raw materials and finished goods.

The consignment of those goods is the only difference.

Some of the topics you will find in this free ebook are:

  • Working Frameworks
  • Administrative risks and liabilities
  • Sales in Mexico
  • Ownership of machinery and equipment
  • Taxes
  • Government incentives
  • Accounting
  • Customs & logistics

You can download this information at:

About American Industries Group (host):

American Industries Group is Mexico’s leading manufacturing facilitator with over 45 years successfully landing manufacturing projects in Mexico from over 200 global corporations.

There might be a lot of hidden costs based on “small picture” assumptions, such as going to a certain location with the wrong type of skillset, suppliers, or infrastructure to support your operations.

You can count on American Industries expertise to start and maintain a successful operation by avoiding unnecessary problems and costly mistakes, while maximizing savings as much as possible.

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